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The Employee Retention tax Credit (ERC) is the largest government stimulus program in history. Find out if your business is eligible to receive a grant of up to $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE!

How We've Helped Companies Like Yours

With COVID-19 government mandates and restrictions limiting businesses from operating, we were able to secure the highest payout win rates of all other companies - boasting at 97% success! Our team of hand-picked specialists operate with organized, fool-proof strategies that have helped our clients secure over $400M+ in total savings to date. 




Total Savings


Total Employees



Successful Win Rate


Number of FEINs

How Can We Help Your Company?


Conservative and Honest Numbers for “Sleep Well at Night” ERC Audit Protection

Our team works with you during the entire ERC filing process. We make sure all numbers are accurate and fit within ERC regulations.


Our Licensed Professionals Do All The Hard Work

We have a dream team of ERC experts who take care of paperwork so you can focus on running your business.


No Collateral, Personal Guarantee or Credit Check

Because this is a tax credit from the IRS and not a loan, there is no collateral, personal guarantees or credit check required to receive the tax credit.

See How The Filing Process Could Be Easier and Risk Free

With Employee Retention Credit, you can receive a leading solution at no out-of-pocket expense or risk to you. Audit defense is included at no additional cost. We help you make the most of your employee retention program by doing the legwork for you at no risk or expense to you.


Want To See Your Savings Potential?

Did your business experience a reduction in gross receipts in any quarter in 2020 or 2021 compared to the same quarter of 2019?


Your business could be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit, but determining eligibility and credit due can be challenging, if not overwhelming. ProTax can help. We know what to expect and how to help you throughout the process of claiming the credit.


You could potentially qualify for $26,000 per employee


Maximum per eligible employee per quarter (Q1-Q3) in 2021


Maximum per eligible employee in 2020


Chris Comisky, CA

"Easy process to get my Employee Retention Credit. They do all the work and even fill out the paperwork. All you have to do is sign the forms and wait for the checks. Easy Process. Don was great to work with."

Morgan James, NY

"Cannot recommend working with ERC today enough! They made filing and claiming for our small business a breeze"

Lisa Driver, MI

"We had a large amount of money owed to us via the ERC from the IRS. ProTax made the process easy and we have our money sooner than expected. Couldn’t be happier to be giving this review!"
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